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January 5, 2017
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We offer Personal Fitness Training sessions, a variety of
classes including Gentle Yoga and Golden Girls/Guys on
Wednesdays and Fridays in the spacious Dance Academy at
13828 Gold Mine Road, Ste 8 in Pine Grove. This is on the left
just as you are leaving Pine Grove towards Pioneer, next to the
Gold Mine Storage units. If you reach Tabeau Road on your
right, you have gone too far.

We even offer seated massage.

We enjoy helping you get in shape and reach your fitness
goals. We cater mostly to women - though men are welcome -
and our focus is on seniors. So you feel comfortable going at
your own pace and taking classes with others who share your

You can even have some fun while here! We believe in laughing
and having fun during our classes and various programs. We
create a friendly and non-judgmental atmosphere. All of this
helps you want to keep coming back and doing things good for

contact us and discover the best program for you!
  • Small Group Classes

  • Golden Girls/Guys
    Fitness Classes

  • Gentle Yoga Classes

  • Personalized Fitness

  • Seated Massage